Wallpaper is the perfect example of how details can alter your entire perception of space. It can take any design scheme from being just OK to WOW with a hint of unique and stylish. It is often that final touch your space longs for. Wallpaper fills that void by bringing together all the elements of your interior while reinforcing your design concept. Our designer wallpapers bring warmth that paint cannot achieve on its own. While paint is flat as a substance, wallpaper really steps it up with metallic sheens that play with light, texture, beading, flocking, Swarovski crystals, Peel & Stick Wallpapers, and the layering of patterns.

Wallpaper plays an important role in your designs allowing you to create one-of-a-kind feature walls or texture throughout an entire space. Not only do our wallpapers bring together an entire concept, they also bring durability and high quality luxury to your projects.

Walls Alive finds itself front and centre in a Wallpaper revolution that is both exciting and invigorating.  New products are entering the market at a brisk pace as Wallpaper is rediscovered as a fashion forward decorating alternative.   Wall's Alive has always been Calgary's best source for Wallpaper.  For years and years the name "Walls Alive" has been synonymous with the best and biggest selection of the Wallpaper industries' finest Wallpaper manufacturers.

Walls Alive has the largest selection of wallcoverings and wallpapers in Western Canada

Huge selection of Instock Wallcoverings and 1000's of Quickship Wallpaper with 3 day delivery - Visit our Showroom or call us at 403-244-8931 for more information.

Call or visit Walls Alive today for the finest Wallpaper Collection in the City of Calgary.

We carry commercial & residential wallcoverings and murals, textures and specialty papers, as well as grasscloth & vinyl.

Visit our Showroom at 1328 17th Ave. SW, email us at or call us at 403-244-8931 and start the Wallpaper conversation now.


Wallpaper Suppliers - Our selection includes but is not limited to:



Choosing a Mural over regular wallpaper is always unique yet brave choice.  It is putting art on your wall.

Selected Murals are available from:

Custom Murals are available through Prime Walls only.  Choosing a Custom Mural over regular wallpaper is always a brave choice.  It is a masterpiece that is tailored to fit your wall and add unique and artistic flavor to your home or business.  Our designer and installer would work with you to bring this project to life.

  • You can chose a picture from our catalogs and adjust the colors, patterns, designs or quotes.
  • You may also have your own picture turned into a mural and have colors and quotes adjusted if needed.
  • In both cases, the mural will be custom sized to fit your wall.
  • You will also have a selection of boutique papers for the mural to be printed on, like non-woven, aqua acrylics and metallics.


Time Frame:

Quick Ship Program is available only for Galerie Wallcoverings.  Product will ship within 3-5 business days from the time of placing the order.  Regular Shipping is available from  all the other suppliers.  The product will ship within 2-4 weeks from the time of placing the order.

Looking for something specific? Let us work with you.  While we have the largest selection of sample books available for you to look at; sometimes you just see something you have to have online! If you do, let us know - we will happily help you find it!

Installation:  We do not provide Installation of wallpaper. We do however have the names of a number of reputable Installers who would be happy to work with you on your project.

Call Walls Alive at 403-244-8931 or email us at to discuss our Wallpaper Program.



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