C2 Paint


C2 Paint is synonymous with superior paint colour — and that's no accident. We have invested in the finest ingredients, a one-of-a-kind colorant system and exclusive technology to create sophisticated, alluring choices that awaken our appreciation for the natural world. It's the dynamic blend of artisanship and innovation that allows our full-spectrum paint colours to achieve premium product performance and unmatched luminos​ity.

C2 Colour Pallette

Our premium products blend leading-edge technology with finely ground artist-grade pigments to create paint with exceptional vibrancy and coverage. 

Unsurpassed application properties give all C2 products a smooth, beautiful finish that's at once elegant and durable. Our low-VOC formulas are user-friendly and qualifies for LEED credits, making it a favourite of painters, designers—and the earth.

Full Spectrum

We use no black pigments to ensure luminous, dynamic colour.


Rare artisan pigments create richly pigmented colour.


Our quality ingredients create innovative, durable products.


Beautiful, curated colour inspired by nature.

C2 Products

As we perfect our products, we treat that process like a craftsperson would — with care and attention to every detail. C2's goal is too create solutions that reflect the inherent beauty of nature and enrich our customers’ lives. Our full-spectrum formulas are made from rare, finely ground artisan pigments and no black (which dulls the colour) to produce rich, dynamic colours that are true to what is found in nature. Leading edge technology provides the best durability, and coverage available.